Singularity Now: The Future Worlds of Yesterday

by Virtual Intelligence

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    releases 16 October 2015

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Cancel Death
Love Across Lightyears
Synthetic Synthia's Exo-Erotica Cyber Death Party
The Great Silence - Interlude
The Future Worlds of Yesterday (The Last Rock 'n Roll)
Life Extension Prophecy
Calculating Fate: Never Mourn Tomorrow
Abbey to the Stars - Halls of Steel and Glass (Instrumental)


"Singularity Now" almost didn't happen. After a harsh re-evaluation of what I wanted with regards to the direction of Virtual Intelligence I decided to go through all of the work I had done with my music over the last two years and compile the best of the best. In total, I wrote about twenty songs during this period, and only nine ended up here.

While I hadn't read Douglas Ruskoff's book "Present Shock" at the time, the concepts he discusses with regards to Alvin Toffler's the concept of "Future Shock" being now definitely resonate within the scope of this work. Many of my life experiences from the last ten years of my life made it into "Singularity Now," and although it may not be apparent this album is intensely personal for me as an artist.

In the future will I still need you to recount and make me see?
That I’ll never recover myself--from the machine I’ve become
And the person I’ll never be.

Written, recorded, and mastered from super moon to super blood moon: June 22nd, 2013 to September 27th, 2015.

I would like to thank the following people for their continued support and inspiration:

My beloved Eternal Sphere, M. Apollonius, Tamara, Lilia, Dr. Daniel Simon, Dr. Belinga (thanks for my Blade Runner nose!), Dr. Luis Capitán, Jenny's Nest, the staff of HC Hospital in Marbella, Aeryn and my family in Massachusetts, Angel (I wish we had more time!), Monalisa, Batty Von Bats, H.P. Lovecraft, Phillip K. Dick, Dr. Davis, Mr. Ivy, JF, Mr. Liddell, Mr. Pridgen, G.B. Marian, Hanh Nguyen (aka Mogknight), RadGalaxy, Megan, Des, Morte McAdaver and Sorrowseed, Eric Pelligrini, Clay and Black Coffee Sound, Robert Pollard and Wandering Oak, Robert Ibarra and Immersed in Darkness, Marilyn Sam, Yun and Didi, Lynn and Terese, Run, Abena, Kay, Heather, Zora, the Three Sisters, Bonnie, Tiff and Ben, and all the tentacle porn that kept me entertained over the last two years.

To all the cities I've visited in the last year, Marbella, Madrid, Zurich, Atlanta (more like HOT-Lanta), New York City, Salem, Dallas, Tucson.



releases October 16, 2015

All music, lyrics, vocals, guitars and additional keyboards by Nikoletta Winters.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered in several bedrooms in several cities, in several countries.

Live drums on "Cancel Death" and "The Future Worlds of Yesterday (The Last Rock 'n Roll) by M. Apollonius.

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Virtual Intelligence Arizona

Virtual Intelligence plays Neon Metal–a fusion of industrial goth, electronica, J-rock, and symphonic black metal. Lyrically concerned with science-fiction, Vi represents a departure from the overplayed tropes of the cybergoth movement. Vi features the music of the transgender post-renaissance woman, Nikoletta–who’s previously offered her talents to bands such as Sin Origin and Sorrowseed. ... more

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Track Name: Ghost Generation (Aeryn's Song)

Love isn’t everyone or everything
Love isn’t happiness for all to see
Love isn’t what you do or what you say
Love isn’t making it through today

Love isn’t time, truth, or understanding
Love isn’t will, or fear, or pretending
Or is it giving someone what they need
It’s living the life of who you want to be

Your skin pressed to mine…cold.
Plastic dreams of living long
We live more to die
When we’re gone are we really gone?
Do minds outlive time? Show—
How we dance far above the stars
Your skin pressed to mine…cold.