Blood Red Spiral Eyes

by Virtual Intelligence

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"Blood Red Spiral Eyes" is my little love letter to space vampires and the loneliness of the Sonoran desert.


released October 10, 2017

All music, lyrics, vocals, and additional keyboards by Nikoletta Winters.

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered from October 3rd, 2016 to October 1st, 2017.

"Midnight at the Everleigh" was added to this release January 20th, 2018.

Vocals recorded at Dreamco Studios in Tucson, Arizona. Special thanks to Greg for putting up with my shit!

Logo and art by

I would like to thank the following people for their love and support:

Eliza, thank you for coming into my life, you helped me more than you know! My beloved Eternal Sphere for his undying love and support. My brother for bullshitting with me everyday. My fellow Temple of Set peeps and the intrepid explorers within for giving me a platform to chronicle my daily struggles through this process. My MetaMind teachers. Mr. Morte McAdaver for showing me what it means to appreciate the art of others.


all rights reserved



Virtual Intelligence Arizona

Virtual Intelligence is a Neo-Darkwave project infused with nuances of industrial goth, J-Rock, and symphonic black metal. Lyrically concerned with science-fiction, Vi represents a departure from the overplayed tropes of the cybergoth movement. Vi features the music of the post-renaissance woman, Nikoletta–who’s previously offered her talents to bands such as Sin Origin and Sorrowseed. ... more

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Track Name: La Llorona
I used to be the quiet girl
I used to be so clean
I used to hide my body so the boys they couldn't see
Then one day I woke up to dance like a shadow in the night
I put on dark red lipstick
Now it's time to take a bite


At the Goth Club
At the Goth Club
I dyed my hair black yesterday
My nails I painted blue
My face—I painted red with blood

Baby I love you...
(You know you want it)
(You know you need it)

Together for eternity we'll make the dance floor glow
We'll party to the end of days
Until we are no more!
Not even time can keep us a part
I'll find you through the tears
I bite
You bleed
You fight
I feed...

At the Goth Club...
Blood will flow!
At the Goth Club...
Here the dead they dance til dawn!
At the Goth Club...
Oh here we go, here we go, here we go!
At the Goth Club...
At the Goth Club...
Track Name: Bloodlines
Scarlet skies
Tonight the wind is blowing
And the moon is full
Walk with me out to the desert...
To this place I know
Beyond the flesh, so beautiful
Don't look into their eyes
Unless you learn to live forevermore
On Blood Red wine

Dark angels slay
The days away
Each one of us a star
No life is taken without pleasure
Lust is what we are!
Eternity is made tomorrow
Take my hand and you shall see
We'll watch the world burst into flames
In your arms there shall I be

Every night Halloween
Like you wanna be seen
No shadows cast
And your eyeliner is
Let's dress to kill
All the uglies now in a trance
Put on that black see through dress
Now stand up and dance.
Track Name: Krsnik
We are young as our love
And you are my destiny.
Every night I see daystars in your eyes
You were mine
For all time
And I know that true love is bled and never said
When I drink from your neck torn flowing red

Darkness, darkness
All around
I see your body hit the ground
Is this the end?
Or your revival?
Blood for eternity's survival!

I give you death
You give me energy
Will you rise up and dance for me?
You're an incredible girl...
You're not a vampire wannabe.

Let's just say
That you don't like the day
If there's a sun...
There's no more we!
You're an incredible girl...
You're not a vampire wannabe.

The end of days
They are a haze
God has gone and lost his halo
Here my horns mean nothing anymore
Let's dance away
Below the flames
'Til our black mascara is bloody
Snuff the world out
With an evil eye.

Darkness, Darkness,
Please don't hurt
Just dig yourself out of the dirt
Death is a dream
Life is never
Shed innocence to taste forever.

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